The DUmmies support any religion other than Christianity, especially islam.

babylonsister (1000+ posts) Wed Jun-11-08 09:50 PM
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Friendswood (TX) principal fired for trying to educate
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Principal has new job after 'Islam 101' controversy
Parents outraged over assembly allowed by Friendswood Junior High leader

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The Friendswood Junior High principal who outraged some parents by allowing an Islamic group to make a 40-minute presentation to students last month is now off the job.

In a two-sentence statement sent late Wednesday, the school district said Robin Lowe "has accepted another administrative position effective immediately."

The news drew relief from some who were incensed by the May 22 presentation and concern from others who considered the assembly a good way for students in the predominantly Anglo Christian school to learn about other cultures.

About 875 seventh- and eighth-grade students attended the presentation given by two women with the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Houston, according to the school district.

The president of the nonprofit council, Tarek Hussein, said he contacted Lowe about conducting an educational presentation after hearing from a father who said his son was physically attacked at the school because he is Muslim.

"It was physical harassment. I believe the boy has a medical report," Hussein said, declining to provide details of the incident because he did not have the family's consent.

Officials with CAIR have described the presentation as "Islam 101." But parents and community members began flooding the district with complaints after the assembly became a hot topic on Houston talk-radio station 950 AM.
Replace Islam 101 with Christianity 101 and they'd be throwing a hissy fit

hvn_nbr_2 (1000+ posts) Wed Jun-11-08 09:53 PM
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1. Can't have kids learning about Islam. They might not hate as much. nt
Translation: They might not hate terrorists

alarimer (1000+ posts) Wed Jun-11-08 11:03 PM
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13. fucking ignorant pieces of shit.
Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I hate Americans. Of course it would be Texas. I see this crap all the time here.
Big surprise there But then a lot of DUmmies actually get it:

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8. A week old, but still a goodie.
The assembly wasn't authorized. Classes--the usual education--was cancelled.
"On Saturday, Friendswood Superintendent Trish Hanks sent a memo to parents and community members saying that she had authorized the presentation for staff only not for students. She said she had asked her deputy superintendent, Sherry Green, to express that sentiment to Lowe."

One report said that after the controversy erupted, the principal asked to be reassigned. Whether this was "voluntary asking" or not, dunno.

In any event, "principal fired for not abiding by school board and administrative policy and decisions" seems to cover it.

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9. Good
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"Islam" is no more a culture than is "Christianity". Had the 7th and 8th graders been forced to attend a 40 minute presentation on Christianity this board would be lit up with posts about how they're trying to indoctrinate our children, the wall of separation between church and state had been breached, people were trying to force their religion down other people's throats, and more than one person would recommend that someone contact the ACLU to get this shit out of the public schools since it was being funded by our tax dollars. The double standard is interesting, to say the least.
ETA: I'm sure the people protested for all the wrong reasons, i.e. hatred of all things Muslim, but the underlying principle is the same. Unless you're going to support a group of Evangelicals having a captive audience of public school students for 40 minutes, you can't complain about this.
Good for you Rage! Now prepare to be banned.