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No one watches SNL anymore so maybe not. Here's the thing. I don't care. If she dies at some point, so be it. She did it to herself and damn her parents for not keeping her in check. There are plenty of young female artists out there who didn't chose to go down this path and they're doing find. If I had a daughter, I would forbid her to have anything to do with Cirus or Lindsey Lohan or Brittany Spears and encourage them to look up to a Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood. These are girls who need to be promoted and encouraged, not this trash.

SNL is still on the air, so I suppose somebody watches it. I stopped watching it regularly after Will Farrell left. I've seen a couple of episodes at my sister's house, because she still watches it. One was hosted by Lindsay Lohan, and had one very funny sketch: The Real Housewives of Disney.

You're right about not promoting their crap to young girls, though. I'm glad that my nieces are over the Disney phase of their lives.