Wasn't sure where to put this. It's cool enuf for the lounge even if I got it from Doug Giles! I got something in my eye or I sat on my keys.

The curly, blonde teen from Jacksonville, Florida that I’m referencing was dealt a debilitating hand by life, being almost blind in one eye, coupled with another malady that makes the joints in her hands curve backwards – but OMG, those set backs weren’t going to keep that cute kid down.

Indeed, last week, with sass and cowboys boots, thirteen-year-old Rion strode on to a stage, in front of thousands in the audience, millions via TV and in front of Simon Cowell, who does not suffer fools, no matter what your affliction is -- and she frickin’ owned it!

She absolutely slayed Carrie Underwood’s song Blown Away. You can watch it here.

For those who have watched her performance, you know the crowd went nuts, the judges gave her a standing ovation and Simon was nearly speechless – and I was weeping like Ryan Seacrest when he gets a new Louis Vuitton man bag. It was a beautiful thing.

Why was it beautiful? Well, to this redneck it was because, in light of all the bullcrap she’s had to ford through in life, she faced her hurdles like a champion, smiling, not getting bitter at God or man, but instead perfecting her craft, and risking rejection … abracadabra … boom! She lands on two feet, on one of the world’s biggest stages, receiving a standing O, being living proof that one can win in life if they believe, work hard and wont quit.

It’s called, for those who don’t know it, the American Dream. Give it a try.

God bless Rion Paige. You rock, little sister.