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Mrs. Ody loves this show, and she's gotten me hooked. The one where they tried to get honey out of the beehive is one of the funniest TV shows that I've ever seen.
That beehive episode was so funny. We were talking about it with some fellow residents of Sarasota. Some of the more "sophisticated" Sarasota NY transplants were very haughty about it. A guy originally from Springfield, Il agred with us. He said he's a duck hunter and their duck calls are very popular.

It's nice to watch a family group that actually gets along, has fun together, and has those old fashioned family values. Gasp, they even pray. I learned a good lesson to look beyond those scraggly beards. They have tons of cash, but don't show it off. And it's nice to know they actually earned it and not sucking off the system.