A few years ago, we were presented with tickets for the “Phantom of the Opera”.

Being told that Michael Crawford would be there, I was excited beyond words..and then disappointed when an announcement was made that Rob Guest would play the lead instead.

Then the Phantom appeared..and entranced, delighted, enthralled and in sheer wonder, I heard a voice and music to touch the heart and soul, the presence of a master of his art, who moved the audience from joy, to grief, to sorrow..and ultimately to the gentle end of this tragic tale.

The audience would not let him leave, the roars of the crowd lifted the roof. My hands were red from applause, tears on my cheeks, and a joy in my heart I had not felt in many years.

Few performers have ever moved me as he did…and even fewer have the power and talent for this unique, haunting role.

Rob Guest, a consummate performer, the man who will always be the Phantom of the Opera, today made his last curtain call.

At 57, so young, so wondrous…and today, the world seems a little less bright.

He was a man, take him for all in all…and I fear I shall never look upon his like again.