'Artificial egg' made from PLANTS backed by Bill Gates set to revolutionize cooking goes on sale at Whole Foods

By Mark Prigg In San Francisco
PUBLISHED: 11:06 EST, 10 September 2013 | UPDATED: 11:09 EST, 10 September 2013

A radical ‘artificial egg’ backed by Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel and Bill Gates goes on sale in US supermarkets for the first time today.
Made from plants, it can replace eggs in everything from cakes to mayonnaise - without a chicken ever coming close to the production process.
The team today started selling their ‘plant egg’, called Beyond Eggs, in Whole Foods in California - and say it could soon be available in supermarkets worldwide.

Eggstraordinary: The powder is a special blend of plants including peas and beans

‘We want to take animals out of the equation,’ said Josh Tetrick, the firm’s founder. ‘The food industry is begging for innovation, especially where animals are involved - it is a broken industry.’
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I have a better idea, feed the fucking plants to chickens and let them lay the eggs, we can also eat the chickens. What a bunch of dumb asses. There is seriously something in our water.