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oh you don't see me bitching about the bad ref calls like some people...

Tyrann Mathieu (a.k.a. Honey) legally jammed Jason Avant at the line of scrimmage but appeared to release Avant as Avant continued his pattern. Meanwhile, Foles threw a pass away from Avant, at DeSean Jackson; Patrick Peterson intercepted it.

It would have been Foles' first interception of the season . . . except Honey Badger was called for holding the back of Avant's jersey, which nullified the interception.

"I know I got a pretty good jam on him at the line of scrimmage. From there, I just tried to get my body into his body," Mathieu said. "It's unfortunate that they made that call on Patrick's interception."

"It was definitely holding," said Avant, straight-faced.

Now, Avant is a man of God. He spoke on a Sunday evening, no less. Perhaps his faith led him to temper his assertion: "In this league, we don't know what holding even is anymore. Thank God for them being able to have eyes at the end of the game."

Those same eyes regenerated their scales when the Cardinals eventually regained possession.

On second down and fourth down, from the Cards' 15, Eagles cornerback Bradley Fletcher lined up against Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd.

To say there was significant contact would be an understatement. What Fletcher twice did to Floyd beyond the line of scrimmage made Mathieu/Avant look like heavy petting.
This is Philadelphia's own media saying the Cards were jobbed in the 4th quarter. What does that tell you? For years all I would hear is how the officials would screw the Eagles. This is year in and year out but now all of a sudden the bad calls go in the Eagles favor now it's OK? Typical Eagle fan.