Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) on Tuesday proposed legislation that would require people using federal food stamps to buy only healthy food.

The Healthy Food Choices Act, H.R. 3073, reflects a long-standing criticism that the government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) allows people to buy billions of dollars worth of junk food.
A 2012 study found that food stamps enable about $2 billion worth of junk food purchases each year, and that more than half of all SNAP benefits are used to buy sugary drinks.
Efforts to curb these purchases have been opposed by anti-hunger groups. But Roe said some states are already exploring ways to curb junk food purchases through the SNAP program, and argued that the federal government needs to take steps as well.

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I agree with this because we don't need junk food. Anti-hunger groups? Really? I think this can help cut down the amount used on food stamps or at least encourage healthier choices with the use of our tax dollars.

I think it will also motivate those who are truly just "lazy" into gaining employment or better employment. It's not so much that people feel they can't live without junk (although you would think it). People have a pride issue with being told what to do too much.

Being a cashier in the past, I've seen SNAP really be abused at times. I once rang up about nine dollars worth of individual snack cakes. Somebody argued the family might have been traveling. Okay, but there was Wal-Mart and Food Lion up the street. They didn't need to get anything from a convenience store. The problem isn't just buying junk food. It's sometimes purchasing the most expensive options. I think we should also have a rule that says no convenience store purchases outside of bread, lunch meat, and milk. No candy or soda.