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Both are "real". The one in Maryland is great but so is the one here. The difference is, the one here is better for families who don't want to be around a lot of bars(there are none in OCNJ). OCMD is a great party town not to mention that just outside I hear Frontiertown is a great campground. However, OCNJ's boardwalk is infinitely better than OCMD. Both are great summertime destinations. It just depends on taste. But isn't Rehoboth Beach more your style?
OCMD has had several perimeter campgrounds which were very enjoyable. Unfortunately, development has displaced a lot of that.

When I was a kid, we thought of Rehoboth as being for old people. I remember my dad saying once, "If I wanted to hang out with a bunch of Philadelphians (actually he was more specific) we would go visit your aunt Lee." I'm an Ocean City person. I have always found Rehoboth to be lacking. When we go to the boardwalk in OC it's for the whole experience, including the people watching. What are you going to watch in Rehoboth? A parade of rubber stamp suburbanites in pastel shorts eating ice cream? I like the lights, the rides, and it's one of few places that I actually like the noise. I like watching it slow down and drift away at midnight. I like the feeling of the boardwalk early in the morning, like you are playing behind the rope at an amusement park or watching them clean up after a party and running the evening over in your head.

I wasn't aware that OCNJ doesn't have bars. As contemptuous of drunks as I am, years in the restaurant business have taught me that restaurants that don't have liquor licenses don't generally thrive. I think the greater point in OCMD is that there is something for everyone.

I like rides. I like talking to people from Baltimore and Pittsburgh. It keeps you grounded.