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    Teachers Union Decertified in Wisconsin
    Thomas Lifson

    Teachers in Kenosha, Wisconsin - the third largest school district in the state -- have voted overwhelmingly to free themselves from the clutches of the teachers union, the Kenosha Education Association, which will now disband. Thanks to the reform bill, Act 10, pushed by Governor Scott Walker, public employee unions are limited to bargaining over base pay, and must be re-certified every year.

    Erin Richards of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes:

    Teachers in Kenosha, as well as in Milwaukee and Janesville, all came under the authority of Act 10 starting July 1 when their teacher contracts expired. Under the law, the unions are required to file for annual re-certification by Aug. 30 if they wished to remain a recognized bargaining unit. (snip)

    Christina Brey, speaking for the Wisconsin Education Association Council, downplayed recertification, calling it just another hoop for local unions to jump through.

    Much more interesting details are provided by the MacIver Institute:

    The Kenosha Education Association (KEA), the state's third largest teachers union, was officially decertified on August 31, 2013 according to the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission.

    Mark Belling, who broke this story on Thursday , said that the decertification came after a recent vote by members in which only 37 percent voted to reauthorize the union.

    KEA is the largest teachers union to disband since Act 10 was signed into law in 2011. The union had 2,400 members according to their website. Act 10 limited collective bargaining rights for public employees and required public unions to have an annual vote to recertify.

    Let it sink in for moment: only a little more than a third of the Kenosha teachers wanted the union. By disbanding the union, their income goes up as they no longer are forced to pay dues, a large portion of which are then laundered into campaign funds for Democrat candidates. I do not know the exact amount of dues paid by Kenosha teachers, but I do know that teachers union dues typically are more than a thousand dollars a year.

    If Act 10 reforms were adopted nationwide, the involuntary collection of money from government workers, and the laundering of said funds into Democrat campaign funds would be attenuated.

    I am pro-choice when it comes to union membership. End the involuntary servitude to the union bosses.

    Read more:
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    Another labor cartel bites the dust!
    Sic Hacer Pace, Para Bellum.

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    Teacher's Unions are choking the life out of the educational system.

    They put the so called welfare/job security of the teachers ahead of students. Teacher tenure sounds like it makes sense because they should be a good teacher if they made it to two or three years. That's not always the case though. There are more and more lousy teachers getting away with stuff.

    The benefits they fight for are ridiculous. I can't even get into how ridiculous it gets.

    If the union wants to strike, you have to as well.

    It's just unreal how far the unions go. I do see ONE purpose for teacher unions. They provide protection in the events of a) Getting fired because somebody accuses you of something with no proof. b) Some lack or progress can't be helped. I don't think it's fair to fire teachers who have low performance scores in a bad neighborhood where they all have low scores. The problem there isn't the teachers. It's the kids and their parents who don't support them enough in education. I know somebody who said he was considered to be one of the best teachers around. He had high scores at "normal" schools. He had the highest scores at low performing schools, but they were still low scores. That's not the teacher's fault, but there are some people up in Washington who want a one size fits all solution to the problem and it doesn't work.

    So yeah, I can see a point to unions, but independent groups are starting to form to look after those above interests so screw the unions.
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    Actually, tenure makes no sense. No other job that I know of has this stipulation that if you work a certain number of years, it takes an act of God to fire you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    Actually, tenure makes no sense. No other job that I know of has this stipulation that if you work a certain number of years, it takes an act of God to fire you.
    Its a gubmint job..... All they really have to do is get hired on. They will never be fired - unless caught in a critical sex incident.

    And when they get through legalizing everything including necrophilia that won't be a basis any more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Retread View Post

    And when they get through legalizing everything including necrophilia that won't be a basis any more.
    Mercy, Retread ...

    Next time give me a warning before you come out with such a witty statement in the midst of this serious conversation, OK? I was not expecting it!

    Think I'll just send you the drycleaning bill for the coffee I just spit up all over my new jeans!!!

    And now, you beast, I forget all the hateful venom I came in to spew about unions!

    American By Choice ~ 1980
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