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Based on all that we've seen in this thread, I still find it incomprehensible and more than a little dumb that this Nation does not have ANY recourse against an entity that hides behind religion, and fosters/encourages terrorism.

Arroyo seems to believe that is the case -- that this Nation is helpless against the muzzies or any other violent faction simply because it's a "religion."

Westboro Baptist Church may be lower than pond scum, but I don't believe they're in the terrorism business.

I'm no lawyer, but I'd think that with the exception of Barry's regime who never met a muzzie he didn't like, a more discerning public official just might be able to add 2 and 2 and come up with 4.
Arroyo doesn't believe that it's the case. He wants it to be the case. Arroyo knows that there is a threat, but feels that he has to downplay it because when national security issues dominate the public discussion, conservatives win elections, and ultimately, he's a partisan before he's a patriot. This is why whenever the status of Islam as a political entity is raised, he immediately tries to turn it into a religious freedom issue, rather than a political subversion issue.

Islam is about more than simply holding a set of beliefs and acting on them in the private sphere, it's about imposing those beliefs on everyone around you, at gunpoint. This is what we saw in Kenya this week. Those who subscribe to that aspect of Islam, the political aspect, have no place in our Constitutional order, by their own admission. That is why they say that they want to bring it down. We have two choices, which are pretty stark: Either we allow them to undermine America and impose Sharia, or we don't. If we don't, then we have to recognize what we are dealing with and act accordingly. Arroyo claims that this is a false dichotomy, but he has yet to present any proof to the contrary, he simply presents his assertions as facts and insults anyone who disagrees, especially when they provide facts to support their arguments.