DUmmies don't like gun shows!!!

Wed Sep 25, 2013, 06:20 AM

Here's What You Can Buy At The Biggest Gun Show In The Southeast{image warning}


Despite recent attempts to pass new national gun control legislation, the gun lovers of America are winning.

This couldn't be more apparent than at the Lakeland Gun Show, the biggest gun show in the Southeast and one of more than 5,000 gun shows held in the U.S. each year, where you can buy an incredible variety of guns and weapons, as well as military surplus gear and military artifacts.

These gun shows are particularly controversial because they allow individuals to buy guns from other individuals without going through background checks.

Dealers like "Shoot Straight" bring plenty of brand new weapons to these shows.

(Some great pics removed for size and you can see them at the DU link.)

... and pistols. Most are held down by cables so they cannot be stolen.

In Florida and many other states, high capacity magazines can be legally purchased, although even the president has called for their ban.

You can even find body armor. The man selling these had tons of military stuff, since he operated an Army-Navy store.
The Lakeland Gun Show is awesome!!! Been to it many times, need to go back as it's been a while!