The BFEE claims this new island!!!

By Ilyas Khan BBC News,

Barely half an hour after they were
jolted by a major earthquake on Tuesday, people of the Pakistani coastal town of
Gwadar had another shock when they saw a new island emerge in the sea, just over
a kilometre from the shore.

A local journalist, Bahram Baloch, received the news via a text message from
a friend.

"It said a hill has appeared outside my house," Mr Baloch said.

"I stepped out, and was flabbergasted. I could see this grey, dome-shaped
body in the distance, like a giant whale swimming near the surface. Hundreds of
people had gathered to watch it in disbelief."
We could hear the hissing sound of the escaping

Mr Baloch and some friends landed on the island on
Wednesday morning to check it out and to take pictures.

Pretty cool!