Taming Gadget Cables: 30 Holders & Organizers You Can Buy

By Jake Rocheleau. Filed in Inspiration

It can be such a hassle to maintain an organized office space. This is especially true when there are many devices placed in close proximity of each other. But thanks to some creative inventions, we might be able to find just the right tool for the job.
If you’ve been struggling with cable management check out this gallery of brilliant solutions: cord tags, labels, clips, cable boxes, zip-ties, and a whole lot more. These are all fantastic products which have caused a buzz around the Internet community. And looking through this eccentric collection, you’re bound to find something cool for the home office!
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Sumo Heavyweight for Cables

Bluelounge has some of the best cable organization tools. Sumo is just one of the many options they have in store for you. It doubles as a weight block as it holds cables in place atop of your desk.


As the name implies, CableClip is perfect for rounding up all those loose cables you have lying around. It enables portability, plus you’ll never have the deal with the chaotic balls of cords all wrapped around each other. A very heavy-duty product, it carries a considerate $10 price tag.

Multi-Cable Drop

These cable drops are much more handy for power users and workstations. They keep your desk clean and also provides easy accessibility at any moment. Additionally, these cord holders can also double as organizers which you can use to arrange your workstation setup. Chargers, keyboards, USB cables, and similar external connectors will no longer get in the way of each other.

CableBox Mini

If you’re tired of finding the full length of your cords sprawled all over the floor, CableBox Mini can be used to solve this. Store the cables into the box then slide it underneath your desk or work area for a quick-clean solution. The box also comes with a surge protector and is the perfect cable-keeper for small spaces.

Reusable Flexi-Ties

Having a difficult time with unruly wires? You wouldn’t be the first person. Flexi ties released by UT-Wire are exceptionally tough. They can wrap and hold practically any cord and are just as easy to un-do. The process of managing your cable collection can be easily streamlined with a package of these bad boys.

Lufdesign Leaf Tie

Lufdesign came up with a zip-tie that’s in the form of an elegant natural-looking leaf wrapper. Although thin by appearance the tie is actually very durable and is likely to hold up for years. If you’re sick of thick cables, you can look to this as a lighter alternative.

Fork and Cream Sauce

Quite a unique idea you certainly won’t run into elsewhere. This cable organizer comes packaged with a ‘fork’ and a base, along with a simple instruction manual. It’s rather intuitive to cut down on extra cable length using this awesome tool. You could additionally hold other cords in place, similar to a cable drop.

Cordies Cable Holder

Now if you need a go-to solution for keeping all your cords accessible look no further. Cordies Cable Holder is the perfect cord drop which is small enough to fit anywhere on your cluttered desk. It’s a great tool to help you get organized, and it comes in a real funky shape!


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