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I get what you are saying. I'd feel better about it if the election were over and we knew who the next mayor was going to be-I think if Duggan wins, he will be able to fix a lot of the financial issues by working with the emergency manager and the governor. I would rather see the money come to Detroit assigned to specific tasks and then audited to ensure the money was spent the way it is supposed to be spent. Like the grant from the Department of Transportation to build a train up Woodward AVE, to connect downtown with the suburbs-it'll be good for the city, and it will cut down on drunk driving after athletic events.

I like the other mayoral candidate, Benny Napoleon, but he does not have the kind of fiscal backround that Duggan has. If the primary problem facing the city was police corruption, Napoleon would be the best candidate. That's not the primary problem this year.

I'd also feel better if Illitch was paying for his own new hockey arena, but it looks like the good people of Michigan will be footing the bill for that one.
All that will accomplish is to bring the vermin to the burbs and complete the destruction. They brought the metrolink from the city to a close-in, affluent suburb of St Louis. I never went to the upscale mall in the area after that, as gangs of punks roamed the mall and intimidated the visitors to the mall.

Throwing money to Detroit is indeed throwing it down the sewer. I bet Obama wouldn't be searching for funds for an area run by Republicans. Wait, he wouldn't need to do that.