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    Seems she twitted some thing stupid and its costing her big time.

    Bottom up to read in order of conversation. Start with last picture.

    She has since deleted her twitter accounts and FB accounts. There are groups now trying to get her sponsors to drop her.

    Got to wonder, whats her DU name considering her disgust of police and disrespect.
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    It's not like she's anyone special. Just some ditz. She isn't on the NASCAR circuit or anything. That said, putting your life on the line on a daily basis protecting people like this vile bitch and riding an enforced midget car around a dirt track are hardly the same. Yes you ****, he did his job, protecting you and your family. You should be thanking this man's family for the sacrifice he made to protect you. She has a right to her opinion as wrong as it is however her sponsors also can invoke their free speech rights by pulling their funding. I hope she goes broke.
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