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    What about O'Reilly's fight with Frank is so great? I don't see it. I didn't see it the first time I saw the clip or in the subsequent times I've watched it.

    O'Reilly goes after Frank for saying Fannie and Freddie were good investments and supposedly people bought stock in those 2 companies and lost millions. Any fool who bought their stock because Frank said it's a good investment deserves to lose their investment. They are idiots.

    Not one time in that clip did I hear O'Reilly say that Frank or Maxine Waters or anyone else was stymieing efforts to bring those 2 companies under control before they ruined our financial system.

    We as taxpayers are on the hook for at least a trillion dollars to try and save our economic system and O'Reilly is screaming about people who've lost money on stock trades because a Congressman says a company is a good investment when it wasn't.

    Did anyone see Laura Ingram on The Factor last night. O'Reilly tells Laura that he's interviewed Obama and doesn't have a problem with him because Obama tells you exactly who he is. Judging from the look on Laura's face, I half expected her to stand up and walk off the set.

    Sorry folks, I think O'Reilly is a bigger idiot than the fools O'Reilly worries about who bought worthless stock.
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    what people don't get is that O'Reilly is center left. Keep that in mind.
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