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The only thing that we have to do to shut down Obamacare is let it start. It will collapse under its own weight. The technology is already failing on the sign up pages, premiums are rising faster than Breaking Bad's ratings, jobs are being cut back to below 30 hrs per week, zombies are walking around in the senate (oops, that's Harry Reid; My bad)... you get the idea. They've been preparing for this moment for three years, and it's already a massive failure, with more to come. We shouldn't be fighting implementation, we should be forcing it down the throats of the backers who've managed to waiver themselves out of it or finagle subsidies through legislation. Let the Democrats explain why Obamacare is good enough for us, but not for unions, congressional staffers or Obama's corporate cronies.
That list looks familiar somehow,,, now where have I seen that list??? GOP backers of Marxist Care? DIM legislators that voted Nay to Marxist Care? DIM legislators that bothered to read Marxist Care???