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  1. #1 Republicans Make a Circus Out of WWII's Vets' Trip to War Memorial 
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    Republicans Make a Circus Out of WWII's Vets' Trip to War Memorial
    Leave No Man Behind!

    House Republicans climb the World War II Memorial’s barricades for a photo op.

    By David Weigel

    Eugene Morgan is a veteran of World War II, a Marine, age 96—and for 20-odd minutes, he’s the most photographed man in downtown Washington. Morgan’s misfortune was to arrive in the city on the second day of the 2013 government shutdown. His trip, organized by his 50-year-old son Jeff, couldn’t really be rescheduled. So father and son showed up around 10 a.m. to visit the World War II Memorial.

    They ran smack into a delegation from Congress. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and Texas Rep. John Carter were at the monument site, talking to Honor Flight’s Jeff Miller about a minor act of civil disobedience. Since 2007, Honor Flight has organized free Washington trips for veterans who want to see the memorial before passing into the great unknown.

    Thanks to the shutdown, that memorial is blocked by 4-foot-high portable railings, just like the rest of the open-air tourist magnets on the National Mall. The railings are incredibly easy to move, but the Park Service—the part of it not currently being furloughed—is technically supposed to arrest any scofflaws.

    “Honestly, I think this is going to be over soon,” Bachmann says to Miller, referring to the shutdown. “It’s not going to be a problem.”

    Until it is, Republican members of Congress are arriving at the memorial, just ahead of the Honor Flight buses. They open the railings and cheer the veterans, in full view of a media that can’t resist a good human-interest yarn. When a staffer points out Morgan to Bachmann and Carter, the members of Congress walk over to him, trailed by photographers.

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    And if it were up to Obama, Democrats and liberals THEY WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SEE THE MEMORIAL even though it is an open air monument that is open 24/7/365 and doesn't require park rangers to be in attendance.
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    1. fucking asswipe repukes

    and why didn't the rangers do their job and arrest these fuckers?
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    2. If I was a Ranger in Washington

    I would volunteer my time so these veterans can see the monuments and to make sure the Repukes who are holding the country hostage aren't made to look like heroes in this situation. My dream is to be a National Park Ranger, and I know I would not have a problem volunteering my time and then attempt to take it off my taxes for this cause.
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    4. Why didn't the veterans lash out at them for shutting down the government? The Rs were

    responsible for shutting down the memorial. What? The Rs didn't know what the shutdown meant? Well, if they didn't they shouldn't be in congress to begin with. Now they are trying to save face and actually blame the democrats. Really? Well this american is so pissed off at this veteran photo op that I am sending letters to those veteran's organizations that I donate money to and letting them know that they will not get anything from me until they last out at these Rs.
    Yea right. Obama and Dems refuse to negotiate/compromise but it's the REPUBLICAN'S FAULT!!!11!11!1!!
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    WWII... we fire bombed Tokyo, Dresden and Hamburgh. We dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki... because the goal was unconditional surrender... a surrender in which "We win, you lose" - and we get to dictate the unconditional terms of surrender.

    War with any other purpose is just politicians sacrificing soldiers in order to further their own political ambitions on the world stage.

    Today? From Korea and Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq... the goal is? Sorry, none of these conflicts had a clear goal, at least not a goal that made any sense. Don't get me wrong, we sacrificed valiantly, won every battle... but tied or lost every war.


    Because we have not been "In it to win it" since WWII. Instead we have been "In it to show the world we care, that we are fair, that if you can't beat our military, we will make things fair so everybody is a winner and we will make sure we take the same losses as you. We will go door to door in Haditha taking heavy losses when we could much more easily level Haditha from 40,000 feet and not risk one single American life, just to be fair."

    Let the few surviving WWII vets visit their memorial... let them know that Yes, America once was a country that made perfect sense.
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