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  1. #1 WilliamPitt: The Capitol Incident: "They didn't have to shoot her." 
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    There are serious questions as to whether Miriam Carey, the woman at the center of yesterday's incident, could have been detained without getting shot to death. They could have shot out her tires, etc. Plus, there has been a terribly large number of incidents of police shooting the shit out of whatever they please without any conceivable justification. I hope there is an intensive investigation.

    ...but for the moment, I am going to play Devil's Advocate. She attempted to breach the White House security perimeter, failed, and sped toward the Capitol building. Now, think like a DC the age of car bombs.

    They didn't know she was unarmed. They could very well have thought she was sitting in front of a trunkload of explosives with her finger on a button. She didn't stop, she wouldn't stop, she kept pointing her car at very important buildings.

    Security in DC, from top to bottom, is heavily geared toward protection from car bombs. That's why Pennsylvania Avenue has been closed since the OKC and WTC bombings in the 90s. That's why those stone and metal barriers are ubiquitous.

    I'm no mind-reader, but I'd bet my bank account that's what those security officers were thinking. I wish Ms. Carey was still alive, if for no other reason than to ask her what that whole thing was all about...

    ...but if you're the cop who didn't take the shot, and that car blew something or someone up, you'd be a suicide waiting to happen, and everyone would be asking why you didn't fire.

    And the fun begins:
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    1. cops are exercising their god given right to shoot and kill anyone they please
    Star Member thecrow (4,439 posts)

    81. Couldn't they have used strong tranquilizer darts?

    I'm frustrated by all the killing of these people who go nuts and do something stupid.
    [I]ann--- (588 posts)

    139. I agree

    The cops were SO close to her car and looked inside of it. Didn't they see the little child in there? Why not use more effective methods to throw in front of her tires to puncture them? Why not shoot out the tires instead of into the car?

    I was aghast when I heard that the person was unarmed. I realize a car bomb is not readily visible, and once she hit the police officer and he bounced off her hood, I could see why they'd feel the need to shoot, but why kill?

    avaistheone1 (13,127 posts)

    86. They should have shot out her tires instead of killing the poor woman.

    I don't understand it.
    There is sooo much facepalm material in that thread. In fairness to DU, many posters take the idiots to task.
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