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At what point am I allowed to say is a freaking nightmare

Yeah, there have been lots of "hits" but that is because millions of us are beating our heads against the wall trying to even get logged into the system. How many people are actually getting far enough to do anything useful? Not very many.

I've tried to log on at least 50 times this week, at all hours of the day and night. Even at 2AM, the system says there are too many people on. After 24 hours of trying I finally got an account created. But I cannot log into it. It won't say why. I did all the measures suggested in "having trouble logging on". I tried to call the help number that was listed. I couldn't get through on that line for 2 days. Finally I did get through, but they don't offer any assistance whatsoever in logging on. They say chat support is available, but you can never get through to an agent that way.

I tried both the "forgot my password" and "forgot my username" links on the off chance that somehow something had gotten garbled. The "forgot my password" did send an email for password recovery. Obviously nobody ever even tested that function because the email wasn't even properly formatted for a link back. But I extracted the link and tried to go directly to the site. That link didn't work at all -- giving me an obscure error message. The "Forgot my userid" link said it sent an email, but it never did.

So I figured maybe I was just unlucky with that account. I created another account using a different email address on a completely different email system. Again, it took about 10 hours to finally get that created because the system was down most of that time. And I got exactly the same results. So I cannot log into the site to see the available plans.

OK, I called the help line again. At 1AM yesterday, I finally got somebody. He couldn't help me with my account, but he offered to enter the information online and read the screen back to me. He acted as if this is what he does all day long. What a painful process. I had to re-dictate every item about 4 times until he typed it in correctly -- didn't even know how to spell "Indiana." I was on the phone 40-50 minutes before I got the most basic information. He was able to tell me that Bronze policies for one person with no subsidies would range from $541-641 and gold would range from $846-956 -- that's more than I pay now. But I need a policy for two, and I might qualify for subsidy. I need to play with the numbers a little to see that, and I wasn't willing to stay on the phone another 2 hours with this guy. He never got to the point of looking at specific policies, and I wasn't going to have him read me the details over the phone. He had no ability to send any information to me via fax, PDF, or any other means.

What kind of nonsense is this? I am a supporter. What do you think those who are NOT supporters are thinking about this damned mess of a system?

So please tell me when it is permissible for a person to speak the truth about this screwed-up system? Am I expected to remain a blind cheerleader for another week? Another month? Indefinitely?

This system is so bad that it may accomplish what the Republicans and Faux "news" haven't been able to accomplish in three years.
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28. This is not going to be sorted out in a week

Any IT person will tell you it takes 10 times longer to fix bugs in a Production environment than a test environment.

I simply cannot believe they rushed this mess into Production.
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41. Really - there's no way unless they didn't get the telecom lines up

If that's the problem, then there's a chance that this will work before Dec. 15th.

But most people should go the paper route now, if they really need it. It's not going to be any better next week.

I am now going just to the inscos to see options. I doubt this thing will be working by November 1st, which is what it would take to process everything.
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168. I did manage to get to one person on the chat

You can send in a paper application by mail.

According to the Chat person, you cannot find info about the plans until you file an application.

However I did go to insurance company websites, and there I found info on all their Exchange-qualified plans, benefits and premiums. There was also a subsidy calculator on more than one insurance company site.

This seems to be the paper app for a single adult:

That's the "short form". I think the long form was released earlier and is to be used for families, but I am not sure. However the navigators should be able to help with that.
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70. That's what I'm saying. This is not about too many people visiting the site

It is not because the site is so spectacularly successful that the first day was "a little rough". It is a freaking nightmare. The site is riddled with bugs that will not be fixed quickly. Even at 2AM, they still post the screen saying there are too many people on. And the problems aren't limited to the website. The phone bank is completely ineffective. Yes, the website problems are surely causing the phone lines to be flooded. I'll grant them that. But when you finally get to an agent, they spend an hour farting around with the system and still haven't accomplished anything for you.

We have already lost the first impression opportunity. Now there is a serious question whether it can be fixed enough soon enough to hold off the GOP onslaught to delay, delay, delay.
In 3 years they cannot build a computer program that works to simply sign people up, but we're supposed to trust that they can effectively manage all the information they plan to collect with obamacare???

Fri Oct 4, 2013, 03:19 PM

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160. This is an unbelievable mess.

And I'm not afraid to say so.
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162. It's a cluster**** and there's no excuse for it.

It isn't like they couldn't have imagined a flood of people to the site. It isn't like other sites don't handle hundreds of times the traffic. The fed exchange was reported to have had 2.8 mil hits on Monday. Google, Amazon, Ebay, plenty of sites handle that much traffic in an hour.

But that was day one. This is day 4! Still. Server down. System down. I've seen error messages I didn't even know existed. No excuse for it.