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Did it ever occur to you that maybe you aren't getting some of the things you want in life because you're too stupid to grasp the difference between biology terms and a social construct?

I thought you had me on ignore.

BTW - For those who missed NJ's reference, in a discussion sometime ago I pointed out that biologically human beings and all mammals are either infant or adult and that our definition of the time between biological adulthood and legal adulthood has changed and varied over time, geography, and culture. He seems unable to process the difference between biology and sociology. But what would you expect from him?

Just because something is "socially constructed" does not mean it's ok to change. If you must teach a child that stealing is wrong, that's a social construct. If you must teach a child lying is wrong, that's a social construct.

2nd bold, so are you pro-life now nova? Or do you still think women should be legally able to murder their "fetuses", er sorry infants.