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    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    In this case, it means "stop counting faeries on the head of a pin and move on" as it usually does in court.
    Well, no, it doesn't mean that in court. Of course, why would I expect anyone on the internet to admit they screwed the pooch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    Stipulation doesn't mean that I necessarily accept what you present as fact, it simply means that I won't argue it, in this case because it isn't relevant.
    Stipulation means that you accept or demand a certain condition. Typically, in a legal argument, a stipulation is an acceptance of a certain fact or condition. The only way in which stipulation makes any sense in your previous argument is to have stipulated that Katlyn was 18 before she met the 14-year old she dated.

    You cannot stipulate to "not arguing about something". That makes no denotative or connotative sense in regard to the word "stipulate." In order to not argue about something, you need to stipulate to the other side's point being a fact or a point of no dispute. This would mean stipulating that Kaitlyn's status as a legal adult before she started dating the minor was a fact of no dispute.

    ie that whether she was 17 or 18 appears to make no difference under the law.
    This is completely untrue. The only reason Kaitlyn was able to be arrested is that she was a legal adult dating a minor. "Statutory rape" relates to the "statute" (law) that makes it a crime for a legal adult to have sex with an underage person.

    Had Kaitlyn been 17, the statute would not have covered her activity with the 14 year old.
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