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Matthew Shepard was a poster boy for hate-crimes legislation. He was also a poster boy because the judge refuse to allow a gay-panic defense.

Honestly Elspeth, your position seems to be that if the March Of Dimes had an ad with a kid who didn't actually have polio, then polio clearly doesn't exist, never existed, and wasn't worth worrying about.

Show me where the defendant identifies as gay, I missed that. It's not relevant, but you state it with such certainty that I would like to see it.

How much money would he make from a book that wasn't sensational?

You said "one more time with logic". You clearly have no concept of logic. Even if absolutely everything about the Matthew Shepard murder was a lie, up to and including the fact that Matthew Shepard actually is alive and owns a Baskin Robbins franchise in Portland, it doesn't change the reason for gay activism regarding attacks on gay people. Are you blind, stupid, or legitimately ignorant on this subject? Matthew Shepard was not the body of the problem, he was presented as the picture of it. If he's not what he appeared to be, it doesn't mean that anti-gay hate crime is made up.

What you cannot and will not admit to is that in this country violence and discrimination against gay people is fomented by Christianity and certain churches and religious political groups.

For all you know he's a serial killer who moonlights as a clown. All you care about is that you ignorantly believe that his book somehow justifies your stupidity.

So to you its ok to be dishonest to push a perverted agenda? thats good to know. Its also good to know integrity is still alive and well.