What a POS!!!

Sat Oct 5, 2013, 01:05 PM

Reddit developers analysis of healthcare.gov

Cited by Ezra Klein at wonkblog. A bit over my head but for the techies...


MikesWastedLife 64 points 4 days ago
hahaha. my wife works on this project, but not as a developer. last night she said "i have no idea how the site is going to go live tomorrow." well now we know.

Spektr44 22 points 3 days ago
View source. They're loading 11 CSS files and 62 (wat?) JavaScript files on each page, uncompressed and without expires headers. They have blocks of HTML inexplicably wrapped in script tags. Wtf?

enigmamonkey 6 points 3 days ago
Wow. That sort of unnecessary overhead is going to kill their servers in HTTP requests that could have been minified and packed into two files (1 CSS and 1 JS).

Spektr44 6 points 3 days ago
Absolutely. The only time I've had one of my sites crash under load, it wasn't due to db access or dynamic content. It was due to me being naive about serving static content, and the site was getting slammed on those requests. That's when I got a clue about CSS sprites, combining CSS and JS, setting proper headers, using a CDN, etc. But I don't think I've ever seen anything as bad as including 62 javascript files on a page!

enigmamonkey 2 points 3 days ago
I too speak from first hand experience on this, which scares me. This site seems reasonably well designed but technically I assume they would have prepared better from a performance efficiency standpoint. I have personally been in that position where there were thousands of people slamming a server all at the same moment, and I was (figuratively) pulling my hair out trying to figure out what to do and how. It suggests they didn't put thought into the sort of traffic they'd receive at all and it turned into a huge news event and honestly, talk about pressure! I'm glad I didn't have an entire nation watching me and my team... Phew!

But don't worry folks, I sure Lord oBAMA will personally debug the code and have it running
super-cool fast by Monday!!!

What a cluster-fuck.