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I 'unfriended' a teabagger today and she writes in a message afterwards:

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"So the Democrats espouse acceptance of others, open minds, tolerance, blah, blah but woe to anyone who disagrees with them. I've found most "liberals" to be the most closed minded people ever. You've been blathering political crap for weeks, post after deragutory (sic) post, name calling, & finger pointing. Now someone has a different opinion & you can't tolerate it. Bless your heart. I'll miss your (funny shit I post) but not you shoving your liberal agenda down everyone's throat. So typical....your way or the highway....... Who practices tolerance & acceptance? Certainly NOT you.....At least I'm not so childish or petty to "unfriend" someone because they were of a different opinion than me. Pitiful."

She is so stupid she can't even see the irony of her heroes destroying our government: 'our way or the highway.'

ON EDIT: I had posted a synopsis of an earlier DU post that someone so thoughtfully wrote, about being looked at 'askance' because they were using EBT/food stamps. Here's what ensued with several of my friends joining in (names redacted). It was just shocking to me:

TEABAG LADY: No doubt this is true however there are many who "work" the system & abuse it. The ugly looks may have come from someone also economizing to extremes, & doing without, & paying tax out the yin-yang to keep up the frauds. Two sides to every story.....That person should teach classes in nutrition. She (?) obviously knows how to prepare healthy, wholesome, economical meals. That sort of thing was once taught in Home Ec classes. Not anymore.....I used to see food stamp users buy "approved" foods with the paper script back when used and then pay cash for beer & cigarettes. I kept a running tab on my little calculator when shopping. When I reached my budget limit & needed more, I'd go thru the buggy & put back "non-essential" items like cookies or trade out cheaper cuts of meat, or soft drinks so I had enough for bread & milk. It mad me mad to see tattooed ($$$$), smoking, beer drinking food stamp users buying extras with cash & essentials with script. I saw this in school with free lunch. Kids had cash for the extras (no longer sold in school due to new nutrition reg) like ice cream, cookies, canned drinks & throw the free lunch paid for with my taxes in the garbage. I personally witnesssd both kinds of abuse. .....two sides to every story!

A REAL FRIEND it makes me weep. i don't understand how a person's heart cannot hurt for people in these circumstances and for those who are even less fortunate. There's this thing called grace, and as a Christian I know that it is to be extended at all times, regardless of the circumstances. So what if others abuse the system. That doesn't make this person any more or less deserving. God bless him/her and Christ have mercy.

Weep away....I did not say I don't have empathy for this person in the story. I have unemployed friends who are in the same boat. I don't begrudge them one bit for any help they avail themselves to as they struggle to find employment . ....It's the frauds who anger me. And more than just "hurt for the people", I put my money where my mouth is. In addition to "feeling sorry" for these "less fortunate" folks I routinely support ($$$) various hunger relief efforts through my church & by volunteering.

A REAL FRIEND: God bless you for your charitable and humble heart

I don't brag .....most people, other than my fellow volunteers, even know. I just don't like sanctimonious preachy people. Go in Grace!
Notice the definition of "a real friend" is 'someone who thinks like I do".
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10. I makes me want to burn down the village

When some racist/homophbic fuckstick tries to play the "victim card" by claiming that we're being "closed minded" for not accepting that hateful behavior and opinions.

Clearly we owe al-Queda a huge apology for not being more tolerant and accepting of their desire to kill us all.

Friggin' morons.

And here's the thing. With the internet, we'll never be free from their asshat opinions. We're stuck listening to this idiot drivel for all eternity.

I'll get you for this, Al Gore. As god as my witness, I'll get you for this.
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12. Do you often discuss politics on Facebook?

I have gone out of my way to avoid signing up for Facebook. I would think that having political debates on Facebook would lead to unnecessary conflict.
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13. I do because most of my friends (REAL friends) are of like mind. Or maybe I have a boring life...

Probably some of both!