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Our huge deductable under the ACA, not good.
We keep our employer based insurance and our premiums are about the same, BUT...

Our family deductible goes from $900 a year to $3000!!

AND our copay goes from 20% to 30%!

I am not sure how we can afford this without rationing some of the medical care we need. We really don't have the extra money this will cost now.

We do not get a subsidy (that is for exchanges only) and our tax deductions shrink because of the new 10% threshold. (And in our bracket we usually take the standard deduction anyway)

I really wanted single payer but accepted Obamacare as the best they could do.

Now it looks like I can't afford the healthcare I need because of it.

Don't know what to think.
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3. So what you are saying is you don't have coverage through ACA, but you are blaming ACA.

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Your employer decided to get crappier coverage for your firm to keep premiums the same, is really whats happening here, right?

Not that I dont have empathy for you if you are in that situation, but it's not the ACA that is the problem here.
Are they just dumb, ignorant or an Obamabot??
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10. The major changes I have seen that affect all insurance:

1. Coverage of member children until age 25
2. No lifetime limit on payout
3. Cannot be turned down for pre-existing condition

There is room for discussion on the merits of each of these, but its naÔve to pretend the ACA doesn't affect all insurance plans. The exchanges are really just half of the story.
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13. Those are big fucking deals

Not to mention: charging women the same rates as men; covered women's health specific visits/meds/etc.

What I'm pointing out is that if your insurance changed that much because of these changes then your old insurance was garbage. With a deductible that low I'm sure the fine print would show such awesome lines (that were part of changes to my plan many years ago) as: chemotherapy is considered experimental and not covered.
Definitely an Obamabot. "You should LIKE those high costs because it's BETTTTTER."
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24. Your rates and premiums are not impacted by the ACA.

I am in a similar fix, but it is not Obamacare's fault.
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28. My point is that if you are not buying insurance on tbe exchanges,

Don't run around saying how expensive your new ObamaCare is.