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Encountered a teabagger today
I was filling my car with gas today when the attendant came by and struck up a conversation about how I was one the few who followed the signs and entered from the right direction. I mentioned another establishment didn't have problems getting people to enter from one direction. This led to him saying his employer wouldn't spend any money to control traffic, this led into his bashing his employer because they cut everyone's hours to avoid Obama are.

The next sentence out of his mouth gave him away. He said "he shouldn't be forced to buy healthcare."

Then I lost it! Really, I said, you are required to buy car insurance, why not healthcare? He said you don't have to buy car insurance but there was a penalty if you don't. I said yeah, ask the uninsured woman who hit me several months ago. I then said it was wrong that I have to carry uninsured motorist because people don't buy insurance, then before he could respond, I said, who do think pays for those who don't have health insurance -- ME! I pay for all of those ER visits through higher cost at the doctor, hospital and insurance.

He turned and walked away. Hopefully it soaked in. The stupid, it hurts!
It's funny how they conclude that when people walk away it's because they "won" or somehow the other person was "ashamed" or "knew they lost the argument" or "couldn't stand to hear the truth" when most likely it's that they knew what a loon the leftist was the minute they started talking and decided that it wasn't worth the effort to continue talking to them.

I don't know where these people are that always come up to talk to leftists at the gas stations, restaurants, etc. I never see them.
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1. I think that...'s the DELIBERATE stupid that hurts most.

Thanks for sharing!

Yea, leftist stupid at that!!
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2. We'll done, make 'em THINK!
I'm sure he did think, "What a stupid lunatic." until the guy left and he had other things to think about.

What gas stations have "attendants" these days.