There are several threads there that want theGOP thrown in jail. They have stirred up quite a fight over there.

A great post was here that showed how these tea baggers were guilty of sedition. I stuck it on Boner's Face Book page and also Ted Cruz's Face Book page. Some guy on Ted Cruz's page jumped on me but he seemed upset and there was back and forth and a couple of people chimed in and took my side. I realized then that treason seemed more appropriate, or at least I think so. Anyway here is the definition. I would love it if some people used it when they called some of our Democratic leaders in case they think it is a good idea to bring charges against the stupid idiots. That would certainly stop them in their tracks and they would not dare go over the ceiling cliff if charges of treason were looming against them. And I think they fit the definition. I also told Cruz that we know about how they planned this from the time of Obama's second inauguration and that it was funded by the Koch brothers. The fact that at his first inauguration their big plan was to ruin the president is attempting to overthrow the government right there.

Treason-the crime of betraying one's country, esp. by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government, treachery, disloyalty, betrayal, faithlessness, sedition, subversion, mutiny, rebellion; high treason,lèse-majesté;apostasy;
And the fight is on.