I'm shocked!!! The DUmmies don't like him!!!

Wed Oct 9, 2013, 06:30 AM

Is Sean Hannity America's #1 Racist Rehabilitator?


Sean Hannity’s prominence as a national pundit is a testament to the persistence of racism in America. With his own impressive record of racist episodes (One People’s Project, 9/24/11), Hannity also plays an important role as a champion of racists.

His television and radio shows feature a parade of pundit grotesques who join the host in condemning African-Americans, the group that receives the brunt of his bigotry. In this capacity, Hannity also acts as a sort of one-man fire brigade, rushing to extinguish accusations of anti-black racism, and defending, exonerating or rehabilitating the racists behind the words and deeds.

Routinely casting black people as villains, even in stories in which they are obviously victims, Hannity just as regularly casts people who have victimized African-Americans as hapless, persecuted victims themselves. Black people who have been clearly wronged are virtually nonexistent in Hannity’s world.

Sean Hannity seems unconcerned about being shot by neighborhood vigilantes, despite wearing a hoodie.

Shocked I tell you!!! DUmmies...the "Everyone is a racist" BS is old and being ignored.
Try something new.