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Fuck them. "Your identity wasn't verified. You won't be able to submit your application for health coverage until your identity is verified."

Call the Experian help desk.

Call (866)-578-5409 to verify your identity over the phone. You'll speak to someone who'll ask you additional questions.

I was born in this country. My ancestors were born in this country. I have a legal Birth Certificate. I have a legal Social Security Card. I have a legal valid Driver License. I've been a registered voter for decades. I've had a valid passport for decades. I have 3 bank accounts. My credit rating is over 800.

And I have a fucking FBI fingerprint clearance card.

I could easily verify my identity, but I'm not going to. I'm not going to play this game anymore. It's not my job to verify my identity. I know exactly who I am.

If they want to know who I am, fine. Maybe they should try a little harder to do the fucking job they got way overpaid to do.

Nobody is paying me to spend my valuable time doing their job for them.

And here is the clincher, folks: Experian has taken money out of one of my bank accounts twice, $16.99 each time, without me ever being consulted, for some type of credit reporting service I never asked for, do not have, do not want, and have never wanted. If I hadn't of caught it on my banks statement, they would have successfully committed theft by stealing my identity.

I asked my bank to prosecute them, and they did nothing. Twice. So I just dropped it, because I didn't want to spend my valuable time constantly fucking with these weasels.

So I'm going to talk to an attorney. I believe something is very, very wrong, very undemocratic and un-American about Experian, sisters and brothers.
The Obamabots strike again. First it's Experian's fault only......not Obama's, the Obama Administration, or the federal government. (gotta protect Obama from criticism you know) and's NO BIG DEAL....
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1. meh n/t
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2. All they ask you is the code from the aca and the last 4 of your social

Takes two minutes.

It was worth it for me to get healthcare.
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8. Is this a serious post?

A phone call is too much to ask of you? Really?

I had to call Discover the other day to activate my new card. I wonder how your score is so high when youre unwilling to verify your identity. I mean... why the fuck should I have had to spend 2 minutes on the phone to activate my card? I already told them who I was!