Got one of those emails from GOPUSA. Here's the brief message:

Hours after he called House Speaker John Boehner to say that he's REFUSING to negotiate, Barack Obama arrogantly strode to the microphone at a press conference and told the American people that he is, in fact, willing to negotiate...

BUT, he declared, that WILL ONLY HAPPEN AFTER the American people declare complete and unconditional surrender to his big-government agenda and his plans to implement ObamaCare in spite of the will of the American people.

And our answer isn't just no... it's HELL NO. It's time to let Barack Obama and our elected officials know that the American people are not Barack Obama's serfs and that surrender is not an option.
Sometimes you can get kicked just too many times by the Chicago thug bullies. It's time that the Republicans don't just roll over and play dead to that arrogant fearless leader.