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Lanie, you misinterpreted completely what I said. It's not about whose feelings are hurt. It is about the direction of our country. For one I'm very tired of the way many will cite one group or the other in a attempt to get their way.

Listen to Harry Reid who replied to a questio about denying funds for kids with cancer--unfortunate but others in his district need assistance.

This is a game of hard ball, but think on the Dems side it is turning the country around to a more socialist way of thinking and about total control of our economy. Why in the world do you think Ms Pelosi was speaking at that rally of illegals? The Dems are salivating over all those votes-----and Obama is trying to annihilate the Republicans.

It's not about "feelings". It's way more than that.
This fight is about whether the Republicans are going to stand up...man up and be the opposition party or surrender completely and forever be the minority whipping boy for the Dems as they turn the U.S. into a Utopia.

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