The twenty worst...
  • 20. Unlike Some Racist Republicans, Christie Doesn’t Have a ‘Physical Rejection’ of Obama
    19. If You’re Anti-ObamaCare, You Must Be a Bigot
    18. Claiming Racism In Everything Republicans Say
    17. Any Scrutiny of Obama is Racism
    16. Not ‘Honest’ Enough to Admit Their Racism
    15. GOP Racial Code Words Worse Than Joe Biden’s ‘He’ll Put Ya’ll in Chains’ Attack
    14. Anti-ObamaCare Protesters: Just Racists
    13. I’m Confused - I Thought All Conservatives Were Racists
    12. Are Republicans Still Scared of Black People?
    11. Matthews: ‘Is Sarah Palin a Poster Girl for Racism?’
    10. Voter ID Laws = Racist Apartheid Laws
    9. Embracing the Constitution Makes You Pro-Slaveholder
    8. Scandals Just Fuel for ‘Racist’ Conservative ‘Haters’
    7. Racist Republican Voters Hate Obama More Than They Hate Al Qaeda
    6. Does the Right Still ‘Count Blacks as Three-Fifths?’
    5. Would Rick Perry Have Been for Integration? I Don’t Think So!
    4. Only a Racist Would Oppose ‘Perfect’ Obama
    3. Matthews: Tea Party Protestors Remind Me of Racists Who Blocked ‘57 Little Rock High School Integration
    2. ‘Moderate’ Mitt Now a ‘Hard Right, Full Moon Conservative’ Appealing to ‘Grand Wizard Crowd’
    1. Does Intolerant Tea Party Want to Enslave Blacks? are the details...