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  1. #1 The Confederate flag raising yesterday may be the final straw for a lot of people. 
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    Que the bouncing balls..................


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    The Confederate flag raising yesterday may be the final straw for a lot of people.
    I know a few staunch GOPers who said they were just sickened by what they saw and heard yesterday at the WH. One has even said she will no longer vote for any Republican, anywhere, at any time. She say the GOP House leaders give Christianity a bad name and that they violate everything she was taught and believes about Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Two other friends one male and one female said they just hate Cruz more than they dislike the President. The last two watched the President speak for the last two times he has given pressers and interviews. They were impressed. I guess they never watched him before?
    Since when do DU leftists know any Republicans....much less talk to them?

    Since when do real Republicans decide that they no longer support republicans based on one fool waving the Confederate flag - especially when it is liberals who pretty much only criticize it and go crazy over it for political purposes? And so they can claim that they are "offended" and "hurt" by it.

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    15. I'll believe it when these assholes stop voting them in.

    I don't know a single right wing asshat who claims to be "Republican", but I know damn well how they vote. They don't want to come out and say what they really think because some part of them knows they are wrong and that there are decent people out there who will shut them down if they spew the shit that is stirring in their souls. The truth is, a large part of your friends agree with Cruz, but are too ashamed to admit it. They're not going to tell their liberal friend what they're really thinking and whispering amongst themselves.
    decent people out there who will shut them down
    Meaning, intolerant liberals who will ridicule, mock and demean someone simply because they don't agree with the other person and they feel entitled to act like a complete jerk.

    Considering the liberal media and the leftist on all the blogs haven't named the individual, harassed him and tried to get him fired makes me think that it was a liberal all along.

    Then there's this exchange:

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    30. I'll lay you 10 to 1 odds that that guy beats his wife and kids.
    nvme (552 posts)
    45. It warms my lil' heart

    I see the downfall of the Rethugs. Remember, the Confederacy did lose. Be as ruthless and spread these images frequently and often. Remind Americans these are the family values party you see. They Wave that hateful flag in front of America's First Family. The independents will see. The independents will shun the party of family values. Thank God that man holding that flag is not in my family or we would have opened some whoopass on him for shaming himself like that.
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    46. You figured it all out from a few pictures?

    I wonder what I would "know" about you if your picture was posted here. Pretty sure you'd have a problem with anything I speculated ... and rightfully so.

    The exchange above is shameful.
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    47. The behavior of the man in the photo is shameful. The discussion is just pointing it out.

    If my picture was posted, you would know that I was not a racist reactionary who is ignorant enough to follow a grifter and a con man in a pseudo-conservative movement which is just, at it's base, nothing but fear of any change that removes their racial and gender unearned advantages.

    Yes. I figured all that out from a few pictures.
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    53. You don't even know if he is married, yet he likely beats his wife and kids.

    He isn't wearing a wedding ring.

    You are engaging in the very behavior you loathe. How are your words any different from making snap judgements from say .... the color of someone's skin?
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    57. He's holding a confederate flag outside of the home of a black family. The home

    of his president. That is a threat of violence. So no, I am not engaging in the same behavior.

    It's stunning that you can't see the difference, and stunning that you would defend his behavior and make feeble attempts at false equivalences.
    So a flag is a threat of violence? But OWS throwing rocks, breaking windows and vandalizing buildings is a "peaceful protest". LOL
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    58. Good luck

    We're done
    There's one thing liberals excel at....Claiming others are hateful and then justifying their hateful behavior.
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    Tsk,tsk...if their Lord isn't surrounded by a fawning, clapping, staged, crowd, the DUmmies get a might upset!!!

    Oh and a lot of those posts sound like pure BS and
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    It's a bouncy, because I'm pretty sure that none of the DUmmies actually talk to people who don't share their views.

    On the other hand, though, as a liberal Yankee, I loathe the confederate flag. It represents treason and slavery to me. The "Don't Tread On Me" snake flag is more appropriate if a group is protesting the government. I'm sure the DUmmies would find some fault with that, too.
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    Bouncy or not I have seen little evidence that there were numerous Confederate flags on parade. I rather suspect that DUmmies are guilty of some fanciful photo shopping to fulfill their own narratives. What leads me to believe this is a Youtube video at the DUmp which showed no such flags but several 'still' photos which do. Hard to photo shop a video, not so hard a still photo.

    I find it amazing and amusing the way Democrats disavow any previous Southern presence, their party's involvement with Jim Crow Laws, Slavery, Thomas Jefferson, or for that matter Jefferson Davis. Truly we have had a generation who have wandered in the educational wilderness (just as the Jews would be left to wander the desert), today they have no knowledge of their heritage. They deny it out of hand. Bless their hearts, they just don't know nor do they want to hear the truth.
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