So now the GOP just gives 0bama a blank check. This will of course allow the 0bama Cartel to spend WITHOUT LIMIT until February. Of course our very own Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell demonstrated that he's willing to accept expensive pot-sweeteners for the blank check for the National Socialist Democraps in exchange for $2 billion in new (pork) spending for a dam project in his home state of Kentucky. No wonder the Senates top Republican was be so eager to push this deal through.

And with no credit limit holding them back dont be surprised if a tsunami of other lawmakers also want to jump onto the bandwagon committing to hundreds of billions in even more pork. The flood gates are now open folks with the GOP leading the charge ...

Meanwhile, since Kommissar 0bama took office, new deficit spending has added about $43,000 to the national debt for every household in America. That reflects a 60 per cent increase in the debt from where it sat on his first Inauguration Day, at $10.3 trillion. At current rates of growth, Caesar 0bammus will leave office with national debts twice the size of those accumulated by all the previous U.S. presidents combined.

Aint life grand on the Potamic? Yeah... I thought so.