There's a lot to do today - finishing a project for work, doing laundry, and getting packed up for the trek to the beach tomorrow. NO computer is going with me. I don't want to see one for awhile.
Library Lady graciously agreed to take the Friday thread for me next week.

It's in the low fifties this morning, and will warm up to the low seventies. Perfect weather.

TOTD: There seem to be articles everywhere now about "how to cut back", and get one's spending in line. Apparently we've all been such high-end consumers for so long, we've forgotten economies.
What are some of your favorite economies? I love to cook, and I love "comfort food" - that means cuts of meat that can be braised for awhile, and become very tender. I love oxtail soup, for example. Last night we had short ribs, with garlic and tomatoes. It smelled heavenly and tasted great.

We had gone to Price Club (Costco) and stocked up on meat and chicken for the freezer; as we were packaging it at home I did the math and found that each dinner cost about four dollars. My husband said, "You mean each person, right?" I said no, each DINNER. If the stuff weren't edible I wouldn't do it, but it was perfectly fine. A few stock up trips like that a year are all the two of us need to do.

So, what are some pleasant, or at least painless, ways you save money?