Apparently Associated Press thinks so.

AP Just Can't Bring Itself to Call Dead Baby Found in Bag at Victoria's Secret a 'Baby'

By now you've likely heard about the woman caught with a dead baby in her bag while shopping at a Victoria's Secret in Manhattan.

Despite revelations that Tiona Rodriguez suffocated her child shortly after its birth, the Associated Press refuses to call it a baby (emphasis added):

An autopsy of a fetus found in a teenage girl's shopping bag at a New York City lingerie store was inconclusive, and more tests will be needed to determine how the fetus died, the city medical examiner's office says. [...]

Preliminary reports from detectives suggest the fetus was born alive and possibly had been asphyxiated, but chief New York Police Department spokesman John McCarthy said that the case was still being investigated and that police were awaiting the medical examiners' determination of the cause of death. [...]

So, despite the preliminary reports that the baby was "born alive and possibly had been asphyxiated," the AP four times referred to it as a fetus.

According to the New York Daily News, "an autopsy revealed that her baby boy was born alive, nearly full term at eight months."

As such, Rodriguez might end up being charged with murder.....