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    Quote Originally Posted by Odysseus View Post
    We don't educate anymore.
    No, we don't, or should I say they don't. They indoctrinate. The entire Common Core program should show us that. It's stone cold proof that education is now secondary to indoctrination.
    The Obama Administration: Deny. Deflect. Blame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    LOL! I wasn't talking about you or this forum.
    Nver thought you were taking aim at me on this...but you certainly were taking a shot at people on this forum that call you on your BS when you fail to back it up.
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    Liberalism Is The Philosophy Of The Stupid

    To Achieve Ordered Liberty You Must Have Moral Order As Well

    The libs/dems of today are the Quislings of former years. The cowards who would vote a fraud into office in exchange for handouts from the devil.
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    So they're incompetent...pretty much like most "journalism" these days.
    Be Not Afraid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by txradioguy View Post
    You wouldn't have that problem...jackass...if you'd back up the bullshit you spew.

    Basic internet forum make a claim you fucking back it up.

    It's also what every week one J School student is supposed to be taught. Verify your sources and any info you provide in a story.

    Before the days of MSNBC and CNN it was required you verity claims by three independent sources before you used it in your story.

    The internet only asks that you provide one credible independent source. And yet somehow this is a problem for you.

    JHC Nova you can take the most benign legit conversation and fucking ruin it with your Libtard stupidity.

    You really...REALLY can't help yourself can you?
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