DNC edges RNC in September fundraising

The Democratic National Committee has narrowly edged its Republican rival in fundraising for the first time all year.

In a Sunday release, the Republican National Committee reported raising $7.1 million in September. Democrats on Friday reported a cash haul of nearly $7.4 million in September, while finishing the month with more than $5 million on hand. >>>

Though the DNC edged out the RNC last month, the GOPís presidential arm has posted consistently strong fundraising numbers all year while the DNC has lagged behind.

The DNC still has $17.5 million in debt left over from the 2012 cycle ó while the RNC is entirely debt-free. That debt is down slightly from the $21 million the DNC had at the end of 2012. >>>

Though fundraising in a non-election year typically lags, the Democrats have been in their worst off-year fundraising drought since major changes to campaign finance law went into effect.


Sort of interesting coming from a news organization that is essentially an extension of the DNC. All that aside... why would I give the GOP a dime when they refuse to do what we've elected them and they promised to do? Conservatives like myself are done with the RNC. Our money will go directly to Conservative candidates... period. But just keep pissing on your base GOP, and see how far it gets you.