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  1. #1 ‘RACIAL SLUR’: Government blocks Asian-American band from trademarking ‘The Slants’ 
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    A six-member, Portland, Ore. band composed entirely of Asian-Americans has been fighting the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) for over four years in an effort to trademark the band’s name — “The Slants.”

    When the band first applied for the trademark in 2009, the PTO refused on the grounds that the name was offensive to Asians, citing two crowd-sourced reference sites — Wikipedia and the ever-colorful Urban Dictionary — in the denial.
    Urban Dictionary, an online compendium of user-submitted definitions, has multiple definitions for “slants.” According to one, the term is a “derogatory term used to refer to those of Asian descent. More accurately, it tends to refer to anybody with slanted eyes.” Another identifies “slants” as “Pants worn by a slut, or ‘slutty pants’ or ‘slut pants’ which form the merged word ‘slants’. Normally worn much lower than normal pants because the wearer is ‘always ready.’”
    NPR reports that The Slants threw every argument they could think of at the PTO in their first application in 2009:

    • They’re “reclaiming the term.” (That argument worked for “Dykes on Bikes” in 2005.)
    • It’s “a reference to musical chords.”
    • They’ve surveyed Asian-Americans across the country about the offensiveness of the phrase.
    • They had a Duke University linguist analyze the word.

    The PTO turned them down by citing the “Lanham Act,” which forbids “scandalous” or “immoral” trademarks.
    So The Slants changed their strategy and applied again in 2011, removing all references to race.
    “On the second attempt we decided to make it race neutral,” Simon Tam, the group’s band manager and bassist, told The Daily Caller. “Nothing [was in the application] that would indicate we were Asian whatsoever.”
    “We wanted to apply for the name on its own merit and see what the reaction would be,” Tam said.
    But Tam said the PTO didn’t even try to consider the application independently from the previous one.

    Read more:

    I listened to them once, in an hour and a half or so it was like I hadn't listened to any music at all and I had to listen to another band.
    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
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    I wonder if N.W.A.(not the National Wrestling Alliance) is trademarked?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    I wonder if N.W.A.(not the National Wrestling Alliance) is trademarked?

    Probably, although they've been around for a while and probably trademarked the name in the 80s, before political correctness became government policy.

    One of my black coworkers tore up her kid's NWA tapes when she found out what the letters stood for. She would not tolerate that crap in her home. I'm sad that she's retiring this month, she's the voice of sanity for the younger workers.
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