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  1. #1 The sacrifices that I make for DU-- Almost got Whacked today 
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    Poor Trumad!!!

    Tue Oct 22, 2013, 04:21 PM

    The sacrifices that I make for DU-- Almost got Whacked today

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    Some may wonder what happens when you have several posts hidden rather quickly. Well I am here to answer that.

    Quick note to Admin: I promise to behave at least until 2014---I won't belittle certain groups, I'll refrain from using my favorite word, Douchebag, and I won't call out the obvious trolls. I promise.

    Anyhow--I've had some run ins the last couple of days and faced some juries that smacked me around a bit---some deserved, a few not. I know I run that fine line---always have, probably always will. I may end up like Omar* at the end and go suicide by jury.

    My account was flagged for review today:

    Dear trumad:

    This notification is to inform you that your account has been automatically flagged for review. Usually when this happens it is because an account has had too many posts hidden in a relatively short period of time.

    Please note: You have not been permanently banned from the site. However, some restrictions have been temporarily placed on your account until an an administrator can review it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    -- You are temporarily unable to post messages, recommend threads, or vote in polls.
    -- You are temporarily unable to send Mail.
    -- You are temporarily unable to send alerts.

    These temporary restrictions will remain on your account until an administrator is able to review it. Typically, this account review occurs sometime over the next 24 hours, except on weekends and holidays when it may take longer. Please do not create another account in order to circumvent this review, which would be a violation of our Terms of Service.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    The DU Administrators

    What strikes me about this is how polite I was informed. I'd expect---Hey asshole, we're about to whack your ass unless you straghten your shit out. Instead they asked me to pass the Grey Poupon

    The next email was reactivation:

    Dear trumad:

    This notification is to inform you that an administrator has reviewed your account, and that your account has been reactivated. You are now able to post and use all other account functions.

    In the future, you can avoid additional account reviews by making an effort to remain civil, and avoid having your posts hidden. The more posts that you get hidden, the more likely that an automatic account review will be triggered.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    The DU Administrators

    So that is what happens when you go a bit to far---several times over.

    Consider this a Public Service Announcement brought to you by trumad.

    Oh and thanks Admin.

    Trumad is a pretty senior DUmmie so he's probably safe but you never know
    when Skinner may need to set an example!!! I'm sure he'd rather do it to Nadin...
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    I remember when Frasure and Niles decided to start their own wine club. They wanted to have a bicameral legislature and a whole bunch of rules.

    DU has gotten more ridiculous since the first time I was banned from there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    I'm sure he'd rather do it to Nadin...
    Nah...his site counter would take too big a hit if the world's greatest journo stopped posting San Diego traffic and police scanner updates.
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    You can't send an alert or a PM? Oh my.
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