Bella and Darlene are two of the sweetest greyhounds we've had and my Bella
is Daddys girl. She is so sweet and gentle. Till this afternoon, when a old
little Chihuahua pissed her off.

She was just giving him a sniff nose to nose and all seemed well when he
suddenly lunged at my Bella. I thought she'd back off but my girl fanged up
and knocked the little one on his butt! No one got hurt but I was really surprised
that Bella stood paw to paw with the little guy as Bella is not an Alpha.

The owner of the Chihuahua was laughing and he said his little guy needs
to be put in his place every now and then. I'm just glad no one got hurt.

And Darlene ignored the whole thing, she never even looked at Bella as she
was busy sniffing a bush...