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  1. #1 I thought the ACA was for the 30 million that had no health insurance?? 
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    I thought the ACA was for the 30 million that had no health insurance??
    Why do we hear so many people complaining about their employer coverage? We even hear people on Medicare complaining about "Obamacare".

    The ACA was not created for either of these people. They have coverage already. They shouldn't be concerned whether or not they can get on the website.

    If their employee premiums go up an inordinate amount, that is between them and their employer. Maybe they need to get a new carrier? If enough complain, maybe the insurance company will keep their rates low?

    I don't know if they can drop their present coverage and look for coverage on an exchange? If their wages are low enough, can they also qualify for a subsidy?

    And I have no idea why old folks on Medicare are concerned about Obamacare at all??
    No, was REPUBLICANS that wanted to do something for those who had no insurance and wanted to fix specific problems...DEMOCRATS wanted to change the entire system so that those who already had good insurance were effected as well.

    For people who boast about how informed and intelligent they are they sure are ignorant about a lot of things.
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    1. ACA has never been just about the uninsured. It has also been about ending bad insurance policies

    and rules that hurt EVERYONE. Now there are limits on deductibles and profits and no lifetime limits on coverage and no crimes against people with pre-existings.
    Limits on deductibles? Hahahahahaha With Obamacare? Haahahahahahaha
    kentuck (69,663 posts)
    4. Also, opponents of Obamacare says it is creating more "part-time" workers??

    And therefore, they don't work enough hours to qualify for employer coverage. Would they not qualify for Obamacare at an even better price, and probably with subsidy also??

    I don't understand all these tales of dread?
    Kool aide drinkers
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    5. "If their employee premiums go up an inordinate amount, that is between them and their employer."

    right... that has nothing to do with Obamacare. the problem is, many MANY people remember the quote, "If you like your insurance you will be able to keep it." (I know it is not an exact quote but it is what people remember) To them that meant there would be NO CHANGE... but that is NOT what is happening to them. And like it or not, a lot of those folks are Democrats and they are going to be hurt financially by the changes that they believed were not going to affect them because of that statement.

    And for Medicare, there are folks like my parents whose supplemental policies are experiencing a dramatic increase in cost...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol View Post
    Limits on deductibles? Hahahahahaha With Obamacare? Haahahahahahaha
    Yeah, that one was a real knee-slapper!

    Of course li'l ol' kestrel is too dumb to realize that ACA imposed costly requirements that didn't exist before on all those employer plans if they were going to count as sufficient to avoid the penalties, which necessarily meant that they would cost a Hell of a lot more, often to the point of the employer saying 'Screw this noise, youse guys are on your own.'
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    Once again Moonbats tell the world " We're never wrong" no matter how f*cked up things get.

    To them its the fault of people who they hate and had nothing to do with the stupid thing.
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