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  1. #1 Texas Republicans Aim to Remove Texas Women from Voting. 
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    Texas Republicans Aim to Remove Texas Women from Voting.

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    Cross Post from Texas Group: Texas Women, Judge almost blocked from early voting
    Us women, you know, we're too stupid to understand what kind of documents are needed to vote, and too stupid to check that the name on our registration is the same as our ID. Oh, and we're also too incompetent to correct the problem so that we can vote. We have to have our HEROs and SAVIORs the Democrats protect us. /sarcasm

    And they think that meme is going to be a winner/ Well, I guess with Democrat women who evidently agree with them it is.
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    I posted a response, but I didn't know that they hold for moderation. I hate that.

    Here's my response.

    You didn't really make your case in any sense. If a popular vote makes infringement of the Second Amendment rights OK, then we don't actually have any rights, we have privileges subject to the grace or whim of the mob. You may think that "comprehensive immigration reform (in essence an open border with Mexico) " is a given, but the majority of Americans want our immigration laws enforced, our border secure, and our social services reserved for our citizens. Equal pay for equal work sounds nice, but in practice you can't really say that two jobs are identical and two workers equal unless it's a job making widgets and you can count the number of class A widgets per hour produced by the employee. Otherwise, there are too many factors. Voter suppression can only truly be said to exist when a requirement is unnecessary or unnecessarily burdensome to one sub-group of citizen. Since requiring an ID to vote is not unreasonable, then our next question is whether it is too hard on a sub-group. Opinions vary, but one has to wonder how low an opinion one would have to have of that sub-group to suppose that they are unable to understand and comply with the same identification requirements others take in stride.
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