How badly has Obamacare crashed and burned in its rollout? Let's compare it to some other disasters for perspective.

  • If Obamacare was the Titanic, it would have sank before leaving port, possibly because the champagne bottle used to christen it perforated the hull. The Titanic got halfway across the Atlantic before striking an iceberg and sinking.
    Winner: Titanic
  • If Obamacare was the Hindenberg, it would have blown up while it was still moored in Germany, instead of making it to Lakehurst, New Jersey. The Hindenberg completed its maiden voyage before blowing up spectacularly. Obamacare blew up in the gate.
    Winner: Hindenberg
  • If Obamacare was Pearl Harbor, we'd have lost the carriers, too. They weren't present at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese struck, but Obamacare has put all of its assets into the rollout of the website.
    Winner: Pearl Harbor
  • If Obamacare was Napoleon's invasion of Russia, his army would have deserted at the first muster. Napoleon actually made it to Moscow before he was forced to retreat.
    Winner: Napoleon

Obamacare is more than just a train wreck. It's a turd float made with New Coke and delivered in a flaming Ford Pinto.