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  1. #1 CBS News Features Distraught Woman Paying 10 Times More for Insurance Due to Obamacar 
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    CBS News Features Distraught Woman Paying 10 Times More for Insurance Due to Obamacare
    A visibly distraught woman who recently lost her health insurance plan because of the new requirements within the Affordable Care Act recently expressed her frustrations to CBS News. In a report about the number of people losing their health plans, in spite of assurances by the president, one Florida woman choked up slightly while revealing that she will have to pay more than $500 monthly for the coverage she previously paid just $50 for.

    CBS News’ Jan Crawford reported on Monday that the ACA’s broken federal website is unlikely to be fully functional until after weeks of repair work. In the interim, she reported, millions of Americans are losing their health insurance plans and are being told that they will have to pay far more for their current level of coverage.

    “For many, their introduction to the Affordable Care Act has been negative,” Crawford reported.

    She also noted that the fact that so many are losing their health care plans is “directly at odds with repeated assurances by the president.”


    And CBS is "liberal"? Looks like the media has gone totally Fox!

    One comment on Mediaite responds:

    Well, if the Florida legislature had taken the Medicaid expansion, she wouldn't have fallen into the gray area where she makes too much to qualify for the subsidy. The Republicans on both the state and national levels have to accept some of the blame for the Obamacare mess, too.
    There you have it.

    Not only is telling the truth "going totally FOX" (cause if they were liberal they'd lie or ignore the problems like a good Obamabot?), but it's Florida's fault because they didn't expand Medicaid because they know when the federal govt turns it over to the state it will be financially unsustainable.

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    1. She was paying $50/month?!

    What kind of coverage was she getting for that money, I wonder.

    $50/month would barely cover the copay on my medications.
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    2. I'm sure it was shitty non insurance covering nothing
    You know nothing. and the only ones you "fool" are those like you obamabots.

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    4. There isn't a trace of a liberal media in this country.

    MSNBC pretends to be liberal but they always betray their true intentions. The other networks are no better than more palatable versions of Fox "News".
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    13. Maybe $50 was her contributiojn to an employers plan...

    and the employer dropped providing insurance.

    I don't know anything about the story but that is my guess. We, personally don't pay anything toward our insurance coverage other than co-pays.

    I'm done with being played.
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    16. I think you're probably right.

    But you won't get too much traction here. Your guess doesn't fit the approved narrative.
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    24. So much for the "post all ur info or u lied" crowd

    There are far too many respected media sources reporting this for it to be denied.

    The costs for this are quite clearly landing on people who cannot afford to pay it. Which is why we should have gone with government-run healthcare like the UK or France. Healthcare is unaffordable under the for-profit system no matter how we shift the costs, and let's be honest, the costs should have shifted on to the rich before the middle-class and single college graduates.

    But noooooo that was off the table from day 1.
    Ahhh yes, the greedy left. Let the RICH pay for what I want.
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