Need a Break? 2-Year-Old Makes It Impossible Not to Smile With Her Birthday Message to ‘Papi’

Oct. 28, 2013 2:29pm Liz Klimas
Unless you have a toddler of your own, understanding the babble of those whose speech is at a pitch you’re not accustomed to can be a challenge.
But that doesn’t make this 2-year-old’s message to her “Papi” any less adorable. Plus, her parents were kind enough to include captions, translating toddler-speak for everyone else.
The little girl nicknamed by her parents “The Chech.” (Image source: The Chech/Facebook)

Alexandria Sofia, nicknamed “The Chech” by her parents on her social media accounts, which are maintained by mom and dad, was born with a “ridiculous personality, since Day 1,” according to her Facebook page.
She hasn’t been active Facebook for a couple years now since her birth, but started to amp up when mom posted her birthday message to Papi last week. She has since been stealing virtual hearts.
“You give me arepetias. You give me pan. You give me besitos,” The Chech said using Spanish words for a fritter, of sorts, bread and kisses. “You have the best besitos ever.”

Completely shameless and disgusting!