Oct. 29, 2013 8:00pm Liz Klimas

Water is the first thing many people would turn to squelch a fire. So it might come as a surprise that researchers are developing a torch that is actually fueling its flame with water.
SafeFlame, a European research project, generates fire from H2O, splitting the element into hydrogen and oxygen gas, setting the now combustible materials alight with electricity.
Researchers with the SafeFlame project created a torch that is fueled by water. (Image source: SafeFlame Project )

Technologist Andrew Ellis described the SafeTorch as “an electrolyzer system,” according to Euro News. He noted that the research team has figured out methods to make the technology more affordable so it could be used in various industries on a more widespread scale.
“We’ve also been doing lots of research on catalysts, trying to reduce the amount of platinum and looking into much cheaper materials that can be used in the cells. And this research has led to big reduction in the cost of electrolyzer systems,” Ellis told Euro News.
Cool.....I mean hot.