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Aside from the various arguments for and against gay sex, does it strike anyone else as wrong that this student appears to be doing this as a project for his art school, that it's a "performance art" piece that he may get college credit for?
Compared to what? Art is a funny thing, it's hard to define it or rank it. Andy Warhol wasn't a great technician, but many would argue he was a great artist. Dali was a master of an artform which would eventually be taken over by computers, but his vision has probably inspired a lot of Sci-fi landscapes and the creation of the computer programs which can generate our surrealist images of imaginary outer space.

There was a time when Art School in college meant learning to reproduce the "greatness" of past artists, composers, writers, designers. Do I think that getting fucked on stage is a challenge or a step up from that? No. However, at the same time I realize that while we all know the name of the man who painted Mona Lisa, somebody painted the art we see on the walls of motels, restaurants, doctor offices, etc...